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AI: new trend at Zhongguancun
By Wang Sujuan and Sun Muyao ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2016-04-14

Horizon Robotics, established by Dr. Kai Yu, the founder and former head of IDL at Baidu, is dedicated to innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The company brings large-scale cloud-based deep neural network algorithms to high-performance and low-power brain processing units, resulting in revolutionary device intelligence, and providing a set of complete and open solutions to both software and hardware. Areas of application will include smart homes, automobiles, and public safety.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Computing Technology (CASICT)’s new research achievement, Cambrian, the first ANNs processor in the world, is a two order of magnitude improvement over AlphaGo.

Dr. Chen Tianshi, head of the research team, said that they have founded a company to industrialize Cambrian with CASICT, which will focus on high-performance servers and high-effect terminal and robot chips.

Innovation and entrepreneurship in the global AI industry has become increasingly active. According to an AI start-ups map, drawn by a market research company, by 2015 there were 855 AI start-ups around the globe, across 13 categories, and with a estimated value of more than 8.7 billion dollars. Zhongguancun is ready for a new round of technological revolution led by AI.

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