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Baofeng Technology enters O2O entertainment industry
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-09-11

Baofeng Technology has recently launched its most updated incubation program named “Baofeng Power Station” at the Entrepreneurship Street in Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing. The program is a serer connecting users to the Internet and entertainment contents with a high speed.

Based on Wi-Fi server with high quality, the incubation program will provide free online streaming contents such as movies and TV dramas, music, e-books, and games to subscribers. They can download the contents or enjoy them online.

The traditional Wi-Fi usually provides shared Internet connection services to users. But the quality of the services is hard to be ensured with large number of users visitors to videos, music, and games. The incubation program integrates the advantage of the local Wi-Fi’s high speed connection and the large amount of entertainment contents owned by Baofeng Technology. Instead of connecting to the public Internet, the users can enjoy the entertainment services with high quality boosted by local Wi-Fi.

Wang Lei, CEO of the Baofeng Power Station said that the program is an important part of the company’s strategy in digital technology and entertainment. Relying on the company’s large resource in video contents and entertainment services, the program will be established as a brand new off-line entrance to O2O (online to offline) entertainment services.

The Baofeng Power Station is available in many merchandisers and institutions, such as New Oriental Schools, Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurants, and Nanjing Transportation Groups.