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Xiaomi enters American market
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-06-05

The five-year-old Internet company Xiaomi is enjoying outstanding sales of smart phones and tablets in China. Now, the company plans to enter European and American markets relying on new products.

The company's on-line shop targeting American customers was launched in the evening of May 18. Many products were sold including portable power banks, earphones, and Mi Band work out tracers. The shop opened in the UK, Germany, and France on May 19.

Entering into western markets is an important step for the development of the company. Xiaomi presents itself as a low price smart phone manufacturer and sells products in developing countries such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. But the company tries to position itself as a leading brand in lifestyle.

Xiaomi launched its fourth generation smart phone in India earlier this year and hopes to become the largest smart phone manufacturer in the country. After a years' effort Xiaomi has grown into the number five player in the Indian market.

Xiaomi launched several products in different categories, such as wearable cameras, MiWiFi modem, MiTV smart television, air purifier, and blood pressure meters.