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Qihoo and Bank of Beijing together start internet finance business
By Liu Yiyi ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-04-08

The Bank of Beijing has further pushed "Internet +" by cooperating with Qihoo 360 Corporation after its strategic cooperation with Xiaomi last year.

According to the agreement, the Qihoo 360 Corporation will provide IT solutions and services to the Bank of Beijing. Qihoo will help the Bank of Beijing establish a leading internet security network.

Zhang Dongning, president of the Bank of Beijing, emphasized that reliable risk management is the first priority for the development of internet finance. The Bank of Beijing has been continuously dedicated to comprehensive risk management during its development into a direct sales bank.

In the future, the Bank of Beijing and Qihoo 360 will build a strong Internet safety shield to establish a secure, reliable Internet financial platform.

With the continuous growth of internet technology, the country's entire financial industry has entered the internet era. Establishing a strong and secure shield is the foundation of banks' development in internet finance.

Through this cooperation, the Bank of Beijing and Qihoo 360 will cooperate in many aspects such as providing secure services and managing the risks from the Internet and data leakage.

In the era of Internet finance, the Bank of Beijing is positively seeking innovation. Cooperation with the International Netherlands Groups (ING), the industry leader in direct sales banking, the Bank of Beijing became the first direct sales bank in the country.

After a year's establishment and development, the bank has constructed a united online channel integrating web, phones, and instant messenges.

The bank has also launched a series of internet financial products that benefit customers by cutting operational costs.