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Zhongguancun Index 2014
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Updated: 2014-10-08

Zhongguancun Science Park has taken the lead in the formation of an innovation-driven development pattern, according to the "Zhongguancun Index 2014" unveiled at the annual meeting of the Zhongguancun Forum 2014 on Sept 25.

The index was jointly issued by the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Zhongguancun Innovation and Development Research Institution, and Beijing Fangdi Institute of Economic Development. It covers six major indicators – the park's innovation environment, innovation abilities, industrial development, enterprise growth, radiation drive and internationalization.

In 2013, the park saw rapid development of innovation and led the formation of an innovation-driven development pattern. Its internationalization level reached 293.4 with a year-on-year increase of 20 percent, ranking first in the country. The innovation environment index was 284.5, ranking second around the country, while the innovation ability level came to 245.6, ranking third.

The park's economy also maintained steady development in 2013 with revenue exceeding 3 trillion yuan ($488.09 billion). Total profit topped 226.48 billion yuan ($36.85 billion), up 26.6 percent. The park's per capita income amounted to 1.6 million yuan, 237,000 yuan more than the average level of the country's science parks. The energy consumption decreased to 0.078 tons of standard coal per 10,000 yuan, less than one-fifth of Beijing's average.

In addition, other indexes including radiation drive, industrial development and enterprise growth reached 229.8, 206.4 and 181.0, respectively.