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Religious services

Updated: 2014-01-26

Dongsi Mosque

Service hours: daily 8am-5pm

Transport: Bus 101, 812, 116, 110 to Dongsi

No.13, Dongsi Nandajie, Dongcheng district.



Beijing Protestant Church

Service hours: 7pm-8pm (Tue); 8.30 am-9.30am (Wed); 7pm-8.30pm (Thur); 8.30am-9.30am (Fri); 7.30am-8.30am, 9am-10am, 10.30am-11.30am, 7pm-8pm (Sun)

Transport: Bus 105,102 to Gangwashi

No.57, Xisi Nandajie. (86-10-66176181)


Chongwenmen Christian Church

Service hours: 7pm-8pm (Tue), 7pm-8pm (Wed), 9am-11am (Thur), 9am-10am, 6.30-7.30 pm (Fri), 8am-9.30am, 10.30am-12pm (Sun)

Transport: Bus 108, 44, 110 to Chongwenmen

No. D2, Hougou Hutong, Chongwen District (east of Tongren Hospital).



Zhushikou Church

Service hours: 9am-10.30am (Tues); 7am-8am (Wed); 9am-10.30 (Thur); 9am-10.30am (Fri); 8pm-9.30pm, 10pm-11.30pm (Sun)

Transport: Bus 57,105, 120 to Zhushikou Xi

Inresection of Zhushikou Xidajie and Qianmen Dajie. (86-10-63016678)


Church of St. Joseph (Dongtang Cathedral)

Service hours: daily 6.30am and 7am in Chinese; 6.15am in Latin (Sun)

Transport: Bus 103,108,111 to Dengshi Xikou

No.74, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District. (86-10-65240634)


Our Lady of Mt Carmel (Xitang Cathedral)

Service hours: 6.30am (Mon-Sat), 8am (Sun)

Transport: Bus 105 to Xinkai Hutong

No. 130, Xizhimennei Dajia, Xicheng District. (86-10-66156619)


St. Mary's (Nantang Cathedral)

Service hours: 6am in Latin, 6.30am and 7.15am in Chinese (Mon-Fri); 6am in Latin, 6.30am and 7.15am in Chinese, 6.30pm in Chinese (Sat); 6am in Latin, 7am and 8.30am in Chinese, 10am and 4pm in English (Sun)

Transport: Bus 102,105,109 to Xuanwumen

No.141, Qianmen Xidajie, Xuanwu District. (86-10-66037139)


Beitang Cathedral

Service hours: 6am and 7am (Mon-Sat); 6am, 7am, 8am, 10am and 6am (Sun)

Transport: Bus 103, 109, 101 to Fuyou Jie

No. 33, Xishiku Dajie, Xicheng District. (86-10-66175198)


St. Michael's Church

Service hours: 6.30am and 7am (Mon-Sat); 7am, 8am and 6pm (Sun); 10.30am and 11.30am in Korean (Sun)

Transport: Bus 104, 103 to Chongwenmen

No. A13, Dongjiaominxiang, Dongcheng District. (86-10-65135170)