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Yellow Mountain (HuangShan Mountain)
Updated: 2012-01-06

Today, I want to talk about Yellow Mountain (Huangshan Mountain). I will simply introduce it first, but the main part of my presentation is about the luck I got for visiting the "Huangshan in cloud" and some of my feelings about it.

Huangshan Mountain is located in the Southern part of Anhui province of China. It is also my hometown. It is one of the most famous scenic spots in China with its most attractive "the fantastic pines, the grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs".

I had been to Huangshan Mountain for several times and its steepness and picturesque landscape left a deep impression on me. But the most unforgettable was the cloud there and even so far, I still think it could was so touching, magnificent and brilliant. Every time when I recalled my trips there, those clouds would always burst out from my memory.

It is not every time you visit Huangshan Mountain that you can see the sea of clouds there and I was the really lucky one. I still remembered that time when I went there for a business meeting. I started my "walking in the cloud" after then. When I climbed up, the shower just stopped. Walking along the little path with the thick fog and clouds on both sides, you could feel the damp brought by the breeze.

It seemed that you had walked inside a cloud or been surrounded by them and made you feel like in the fairy land. When the clouds were floating around me, I really had a desire to reach out the hands to hold one of them. The cloud in Huangshan Mountain was always changing without stop. Sometimes, it was so active and vivid and sometimes it could become so serene and charming. Huangshan Mountain could never leave the clouds because they always relied on each other and only the tight combination of them could form that uniquely poetic picture of Huangshan Mountain.

Just as other past things, the days in Huangshan had already become a memory. But the pleasure I got there could always remind me those short but so joyful time. During the plain and lonely days in my life when I recalled that past beauty, I would ask myself: why could I relax my strained spirit and release the pleasure deep in my mind only during the days in Huangshan Mountain? Then I could find, I was so silly sometimes in my life. Why not give yourself a reason to be happy? In fact, you can find the pleasure everywhere. As for the past days in Huangshan Mountain, it was only a chapter in the book of my life.

They come to the conclusion that the fantastic pines, the grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs are the four major attractions of Huangshan Mountain.

As a matter of fact there are marvels everywhere especially in the following scenic areas: Wenquan(Hot Spring), Yupinglou(Jade Screen Tower), Xihai(West Sea), Beihai(North Sea), Yungusi(Cloud Valley Temple), and Songguan(Pine Valley Nunnery)