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Yellow Mountain (HuangShan Mountain)
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The long and winding road
Updated: 2012-01-06

Going to Huangshan reminds me of the hit Beatles' song "The Long and Winding Road". What is so breath-taking about the experience are the out-of-this -world scenes! The rolling sea of clouds you see once you're at the peak will remind you how minute we are in this vast expanse of creation! You'll definitely feel like you're in seventh heaven or on cloud nine! It's a scene you don't see everyday. It's like being one with your creator! He at your side and both of you looking at the marvelous work He has accomplished!

Next comes the irregular rock formations! They'll paint so many pictures in your mind. Actually people already came up with so many imaginative names like the "Bones of the Carp” because of the odd-protruding rocks looking like the spine of a fish, the "Rock that flew from afar" which is a huge single piece of rock that looks as if it was delicately put on top of a cliff by an immortal hand, and the "Monkey gazing at the sea" which is a strange looking rock in the shape of a gaping ape atop one of the enormous rocks to name a few!

Third is the wind-swept pines that somehow stand so majestically despite the strong fierce winds raging against it and how it can stand so firmly clinging only to the rock surface with hardly any soil! It reminds me of the people who become stronger with each passing obstacle that come their way...UNWAVERING! The most well-known of these pines is the "Welcoming Guest Pine" which you will pass by on your way to the Lotus Peak(the highest) from the western route. What better way to trek the mountain than to have a warm hand-shake by one of the most famous land marks!

Fourth, is the hot springs located at the foot of the mountain which you definitely must try after the is sure to give you a soothing massage on your aching muscles and other body pains! What is so amazing about the spring is that the colder the temperature gets, the hotter the spring! Weird isn't it, but that's how nature is...full of mystery always leaving us baffled!

Lastly, which is purely from my own perspective, is the endless series of steps. It's something that would make you wonder how long and hard the people had to undergo in putting all those rocks in to place. Though, it is the only unnatural thing upon ascending the mountain, still it highlights the whole adventure and gives you an extra hand or foundation from which you can sit down or rest your aching legs!

And as the song goes, this long and winding road "Will never disappear", it will always leave a mark in the visitor's heart. It sure did mine! While you're in China, it's a must to go there!