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4D IMAX cinema to be introduced into Hefei
Updated: 2010-08-18

Hefei locals will soon be able to enjoy a four-dimensional IMAX cinema, which will be introduced to the underground city of Hefei’s Shengli Square in Anhui province.

A 4-D cinema features major technical improvements compared with the 3-D cinema. By adding special effects such as spraying, shaking and breezing, producers hope the audience will not only see each scene in the film, but also feel and smell the same things the actors do. Audiences are bound to feel immersed in the film as a result of the elaborately designed effects.

The 4-D IMAX will be one of the six themed centers of the underground city, Happy World, which is located underneath Shengli Square. The Caribbean Fantasy World, the largest indoor video game park in Hefei, contains 238 entertainment activities, including various simulation games and a large-scale carousel.

A health center will also be built in the underground city. Besides the traditional fitness programs, acupuncture and herb baths will also be included. The other three themed centers are a shopping street, a street featuring gourmet food and a smart parking lot with room for 1,000 cars.

Hefei authorities and the project developers signed an agreement in Guangzhou in June. The underground city, with a total investment of 800 million yuan, will begin construction this September and be finished in 14 months.

By Audrey and Liu Xi