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  • Whiff of coffee in land of grottoes

    2010-08-31 10:28

    American Kevin Gilley and his family came to the Chinese mainland in 2007 hunting for coffee - or, actually, for the lack of it.

  • 'Seinfeld'? Yada yada, but Elaine is hot

    2010-08-29 10:38

    'Seinfeld'? Yada yada, but Elaine is hot

  • An emperor with a woman's touch

    2010-08-27 09:34

    In China's 5,000 years of recorded history only one woman has officially held the title "emperor",known as Wu Zetian.

  • Teacher nonpareil

    2010-08-26 10:16

    A Tibetan monk founds a school for the poor children of herdsmen and lamas after experiencing the hardships of education himself. Liu Zhihua reports

  • Top scientist honored

    2010-08-25 11:11

    Leading Chinese engineer Xu Binshi has been named "foreign academician" at the Polish Academy of Science.

  • These women learn life lessons in a class of their own

    2010-08-25 10:20

    The biggest decision 18-year-old Guo Fangliang ever made was skipping China's university entrance exam to instead apply to US schools.

  • Sorority strength

    2010-08-25 10:20

    A group of Chinese students in the US is hoping to convince well-qualified peers to put their education to better use than as trophy wives and mistresses.

  • Reaching for the sky

    2010-08-25 09:12

    Chen Zhijie was on his maiden visit to the United States, having been chosen by the air force to develop China's first airspace automatic control system.

  • Going with the flow of water and worldliness

    2010-08-24 09:48

    Many people in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, know about an ancient building on Oborishte Street - the former home of Dr Ianto Kaneti (1910-2004) and his Chinese wife, Zhang Sunfen.

  • Culture chameleon

    2010-08-22 10:24

    TV host, marketing whiz, boutique travel agency boss, TCM practitioner, leisurely scribe of Buddhist scriptures... Liang Dong has seen many reincarnations in one lifetime. Li Jing tries to pin this success story down.

  • Bossa Nova master honored

    2010-08-22 10:27

    Brazil has posthumously given the rank of ambassador to a poet and songwriter who penned the famous Bossa Nova anthem Girl from Ipanema.

  • Back in the spotlight

    2010-08-22 10:26

    General David Petraeus shifts from Iraq to Afghanistan as another US president asks him to make an unpopular mission possible.

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