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  • Smile for the gay

    2010-09-13 15:42

    What started off as a low-key message urging straight people to register their support for the over 50 million LGBT people in China, had soon snowballed into a nationwide campaign.

  • Golden couple share secret of 80-year marriage

    2010-09-12 10:27

    While many of today's couples seem to be afflicted with the seven-year itch, Zhang Mucheng and Xu Dongying are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

  • Tailor tackles sloppy dressers

    2010-09-09 10:28

    Successful men need to look the part and it is hard to beat the impression that a well-tailored suit makes.

  • Model workers

    2010-09-09 09:56

    Foreign models party like rock stars for three months while on assignment in Shanghai but claim "China is the sweatshop of modeling". Matt Hodges looks behind the bright lights.

  • Beauty under skin coming to the fore

    2010-09-07 10:49

    After decades on the fringe, tattoo art is finally becoming mainstream

  • Winning the fame game

    2010-09-07 09:30

    The "godmother of Chinese talent shows" talks about turning the brightest contestants into stars, Gan Tian reports

  • Billionaire dedicates her life to the care of stray dogs, cats

    2010-09-06 11:05

    NGO founder shirks luxurious lifestyle to champion animal rights nationwide

  • Writing the wrongs for Chinese immigrants

    2010-09-05 09:28

    Dalian-based veteran author Jin Ziwei's latest work is acclaimed as a shadow of, and a beacon for, contemporary Chinese immigrants.

  • Field of dreams

    2010-09-05 09:51

    The baseball diamond has become a launch pad to glory for a group of orphans and migrant children in Beijing, thanks to one man's vision. Tang Yue uncovers the story.

  • Judge Dee, native son better known in fiction

    2010-09-03 09:42

    Di Renjie lived in AD 630-700. He did not become world famous until the 1950s when Robert van Gulik began to write and publish a series of detective novels based on him.

  • J.K. Rowling gives millions for MS research

    2010-09-01 09:16

    "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling has donated 10 million pounds ($15.5 million) to set up a new clinic to carry out research into multiple sclerosis (MS), the disease which killed her mother.

  • A brand new China

    2010-08-29 11:27

    "They are passionate and creative, but lack the funding and experience to build up businesses and brands.

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