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  • Pat on the back

    2010-09-28 09:43

    Twelve foreigners who have made China their home win recognition for their exceptional contributions.

  • 'Saving the world' one city at a time

    2010-09-28 09:39

    World's leading primatologist Jane Goodall, 76, whose seminal findings have redefined what it means to be human, says she is inspired by her young followers.

  • Cracking the red code

    2010-09-25 10:30

    In October 1999, 70,000 pieces of Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) porcelain were discovered.

  • Nanjing drama

    2010-09-26 09:14

    Life and death have given a young American the perfect balance between his Western perspectives and the Chinese way of life.

  • Five years in China a totally sensory experience

    2010-09-26 09:14

    Gary Dennison says he stole a man's soul earlier this month, and he still feels bad about it.

  • Bill Gates still richest American, Forbes says

    2010-09-25 09:48

    Things are on the up for U.S. billionaires with more than half of them adding to their net worth in a year which once again saw Bill Gates as the richest of them all, Forbes magazine said on Wednesday.

  • A roaring success

    2010-09-21 09:16

    Wang Jianwen became a lion dancer by chance, but he has worked hard to preserve the Baizhifang Lion Dance, which is now recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.

  • Vancouver mayor on green team

    2010-09-19 08:59

    Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson may not be well-known among Chinese people, but his granduncle is a household name in China - Norman Bethune.

  • For baby and me

    2010-09-19 08:54

    Director Isabel Coixet's singular ideas about filmmaking also find expression at the Spain Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo.

  • Journalist and author Edwin Newman dies

    2010-09-16 08:57

    Journalist Edwin Newman, who helped anchor NBC newscasts for three decades with a reputation as an articulate, fair interviewer and a trusted moderator of U.S. presidential debates, has died, NBC said on Wednesday. He was 91.

  • Holding the apron strings

    2010-09-15 09:50

    Cooking for the family has traditionally been the job of women in Chinese society. But increasingly, men are taking control of the wok.

  • Footprints on the sands of time

    2010-09-14 09:27

    Chengdu botanist travels the route taken by an English plant collector a century ago, to trace the ecological and geological changes that have occurred.

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