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  • Stepping out

    2010-10-18 09:19

    The PLA honor guard shows off the nation's 'soft military strength?at Mexican Independence Day Parade. Peng Kuang reports

  • 'Servant of God'lives on

    2010-10-15 09:33

    Matteo Ricci gets something of a Gucci makeover with a gilded sculpture at the Italy Pavilion, Yu Ran reports.

  • To infinity and beyond

    2010-10-15 09:21

    Physics teacher and comet hunter Gao Xing is one of China's most enthusiastic and successful stargazers, Chen Liang discovers

  • Music from the heart

    2010-10-13 09:14

    Peng Peng could be the next Lang Lang, but he has chosen a quieter path of composing music. Raymond Zhou reports

  • An elephantine task

    2010-10-12 09:09

    An amateur documentary on wild Asian elephants could be a wake-up call to protect the fast-disappearing habitats of a species perilously close to becoming endangered.

  • Designers shed light on innovation

    2010-10-12 09:00

    When The Creators Project, an initiative by VICE Media Group and Intel to identify creative works from around the world, hit Beijing last month, two Chinese artists outshone the others by using light to push aesthetic boundaries.

  • Liu Wei proves China's got talent

    2010-10-12 08:57

    The armless pianist who plays with his toes was the unanimous winner at a spectacular show in Shanghai, Shi Jing reports.

  • Castle cook, celebrity chef

    2010-10-11 08:56

    Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for food have made her an important influence for women from Britain to Australia and America. Pauline D. Loh catches up with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager.

  • Women with power? Obama tops Forbes list

    2010-10-11 08:57

    US first lady Michelle Obama beat out heads of state, chief executives and celebrities to rank as the world's most powerful woman in Forbes magazine's annual listing last week.

  • Talking business, in both Turkish and Chinese

    2010-10-09 09:03

    Sadi Kaymaz knows that money talks, and it has a lot to say in both his host country, China, and his homeland, Turkey.

  • A miner's diary

    2010-10-08 09:32

    Despite increasing mechanization, life in the cold, dank, dark interiors of a coal mine remains as tough as ever. Lan Tian and Sun Ruisheng report

  • Tales from a fortuneteller

    2010-09-29 10:09

    The writer, who was once the youngest member of the Chinese Writers Association, returns to his calling after a detour that includes the hallways of academia and the bright lights of a casino.

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