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  • Calligraphy student, 89, in university for 24 years

    2009-08-19 09:28

    Bo Laidong, an 89-year-old resident of Jinan, Shandong province, has been a student at the old people's university for the last 24 years.

  • A tale of a woman and her village

    2009-08-18 14:37

    Ma Su'e, a woman from a village of Dong ethnic people, harvests happy life from environmental friendly tourism in Enshi, Hubei province.

  • Chinese pop singer detained for alleged drug abuse

    2009-08-14 22:51

    Han Xiao, a Chinese pop singer, was detained for suspected drug abuse, police in Beijing confirmed Friday.

  • CCTV reporter sentenced for taking bribe

    2009-08-05 10:04

    A journalist from China Central Television was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison with a four-year reprieve for accepting a bribe in northern Shanxi province.

  • Veteran artist Li Ding dies at 82

    2009-07-31 09:50

    Chinese veteran artist Li Ding passed away in Beijing Wednesday afternoon at the age of 82 after succumbing to cerebral thrombosis and colon cancer.

  • Can you be a Happy Girl if you can't sing in tune?

    2009-07-31 07:14

    Whether or not Zeng Yike advances to the next round of China's most popular reality talent show, the kudos and boos surrounding her will continue.

  • Actor Wang Baoqiang rises from rags to riches

    2009-07-30 09:39

    Wang Baoqiang's signature innocent smile never changes. It was the same when he was a farmer, construction worker and extra actor. Now, he's an A-lister.

  • Kobe charms China, begins new domestic charity fund

    2009-07-27 08:45

    The NBA heat wave continued to sweep China as Bryant, the NBA champion and finals MVP, landed in the most populous nation over the weekend, delighting his enormous fan base during his two-day jaunt through Shanghai and Chengdu.

  • Ji Xianlin, the reluctant master

    2009-07-13 09:08

    Ji Xianlin, dubbed as the "master of Chinese culture" had died three hours earlier of heart attack. He was 97. Premier Wen said he had planned to celebrate Ji's 98th birthday next month.

  • Chinese mourn Ji, acclaimed scholar

    2009-07-13 07:43

    One day after the death of one of the country's greatest minds, Chinese paid their respects Sunday to Ji Xianlin, a widely acclaimed linguist and "national treasure".

  • Renowned scholar Ji Xianlin dies

    2009-07-11 13:28

    Renowned Chinese scholar Ji Xianlin died of illness at the age of 98 in Beijing Saturday, said a report from the People's Daily online.

  • Veteran CCTV news anchorwoman retires

    2009-07-09 13:44

    Leading news anchorwoman for China Central Television (CCTV), Xing Zhibin, has formally retired from her office.

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