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  • Live-saving lessons

    2009-09-30 10:24

    The retired army doctor and Beijing resident,Ma Guilin, has a strong belief in the global humanitarian movement and takes great joy in doing her part for it.

  • The man behind the myth

    2009-09-29 09:04

    It is two months away from the 70th anniversary of the death of Norman Bethune, a Canadian surgeon who sacrificed his life in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

  • A new model

    2009-09-29 09:01

    Oilman Wang Jinxi, father of hybrid rice Yuan Longping, bus-ticket seller Li Suli, astronaut Yang Liwei, hurdler Liu Xiang. These seemingly unrelated names have one thing in common - they have all been designated a model worker.

  • Stunning street performances

    2009-09-27 16:34

    Stunning street performances around the world 

  • Honda unveils battery-powered unicycle

    2009-09-24 16:05

    Honda Motor Co has unveiled an electric battery-powered personal transporter, a unicycle shaped like the number eight that riders steer by leaning in the direction they want to travel.

  • Home alone

    2009-09-24 10:46

    Now chinese parents tend to live separately from their married children. With a fast-aging population and the only-child generation entering the marriage and child-bearing age, the demand for domestic help has been increasing rapidly in recent years.

  • The whys, hows and whats of a caregiver

    2009-09-24 09:38

    Many people hire anny for babysitting and housekeeping.How
    about the relationship between them and the annies...

  • The entrepreneur who supports 'ObaMao'

    2009-09-23 11:34

    Combine an old political icon with a new one, and what do you get? ObaMao.

  • Brush with history

    2009-09-23 11:20

    Painter Wang Xijing recently finished a large painting on the Xi'an Incident to show his good wishes on the 60th birthday of the People's Republic of China.

  • Portrait of the artist

    2009-09-23 11:09

    Wang Xijing is the vice-chairman of the China Art Market Union, a professor at the China Art Research Institute and a director of the China Artists' Association.

  • Retracing the footsteps of history - again

    2009-09-23 10:05

    Sun Shuyun's Long March was in search of the Red Army veterans.She located about 40 of them, many of whom lived in secluded mountains.

  • Founder of China's biophysics dies at 107

    2009-11-01 09:26

    Bei Shizhang, a renowned biologist and educator and founder of China's biophysics, died Thursday morning at the age of 107, according to a statement from the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) Saturday.

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