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  • Back to the drawing board

    2009-10-27 10:51

    China is transforming itself from being a "Made in China" exporter of products to a "Designed in China" producer.

  • Almond-eyed actress

    2009-10-27 10:42

    Gao Yuanyuan has become "Image Ambassador" for California Almonds. The 30-year-old actress says the brand chose her because of her beauty, success and healthy lifestyle.

  • Being proactive

    2009-10-27 10:30

    A recent case on pollution that came under the spotlight involved the shoe-making giant, Timberland.

  • The bottom line

    2009-10-27 10:21

    When Ma Jun stood on the banks of the mighty Yangtze River in 1994, he had little inkling of his future calling - saving China's rivers.

  • The story of China Incorporated

    2009-10-23 10:12

    Twenty-five years ago, Megatrends was a must-read for any Chinese who was keen to know about the world - not just the world as it was, but the world that would be.

  • Molding dreams

    2009-10-22 11:14

    In 1995, Jingdezhen's kilns started shifting from coal to gas. In two years, the city dismantled and reconstructed more than 190 coal kilns and demolished most of the chimneys.

  • She died in war but lives in memories

    2009-10-15 11:21

    On Oct 8, 64 years after Galiya Zhang sacrificed her life during the liberation of Suifenhe near the border with Russia, a statue of the martyr was erected in the city's Peace Square.

  • Sending stronger signals

    2009-10-15 10:56

    Zeng Weihua was barely a teenager when he joined the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in 1970.

  • Man on a mission

    2009-10-14 11:38

    The dean of Peking University's School of Life Sciences, Rao Yi, has a reputation for speaking out about China's scientific institutions and is considered to be a leading reformist.

  • Van Gogh's power to paint with prose

    2009-10-13 11:10

    Renowned Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was also a literary giant, say researchers who have scrutinized his vast body of correspondence - the topic of a new exhibition opening in Amsterdam on Friday.

  • Archaeological 'heaven'

    2009-10-13 10:37

    When archaeologist Yuan Zhongyi was sent to Lintong, Shaanxi province, to excavate the site in July 1974, he had no idea he would spend his next 30 years there.

  • Red scions: Ye Mingzi,Wan Baobao and Bo Guagua

    2009-09-30 11:49

    Ye Mingzi, granddaughter of veteran Chinese Communist general Ye Jianying, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress from 1978 to 1983, just got married - on Sept 9.

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