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  • 'Nail' starts fight against developers

    2009-12-07 09:15

    A former construction contractor with more than 10 years of demolition experience started his first day as an "anti-demolition nail" yesterday.

  • Return of the Baron

    2009-12-05 09:38

    Shanghai may be famous for its tailors but trendy urbanites claim the city no longer makes them like they used to.

  • Spot light: with Temel Kotil

    2009-12-05 09:32

    Turkish Airlines launched non-stop flights from Shanghai to Istanbul on July 1. It now has five flights a week running between the two cities.

  • A fitting love

    2009-12-05 09:16

    Before joining Levi's in 1998, Kitty Yung, now general manager of Levi Strauss & Co China, seldom wore jeans. The graceful Hong Kong woman with a soft voice preferred elegant and feminine dresses.

  • Home is where the heart is

    2009-12-05 09:02

    When Dan Jones and his wife Christina arrived for their holiday in Beijing, they couldn't wait to explore not just the city, but the hotel. The young couple from Chicago fell in love with the Hilton Beijing Wangfujing the second they walked into the lobby.

  • A day in the life of a mortician

    2009-12-03 09:51

    It is a job that faces death every day, a job of creepiness, a job without much pay.

  • Keeper of crafts

    2009-12-03 09:11

    Arguably one of China's most colorful personalities, Wang Shixiang, died at 95 on Saturday, leaving everything that he pursued for fun as subjects of serious scholarship.

  • Somber passage

    2009-12-03 09:43

    It's a subject most expats prefer to avoid, but the question still nags from time to time - what will happen to their body if they die in China?

  • Overhaul for temporary residency permit

    2009-12-03 09:33

    Beijing's temporary residency permit will be changed from next year to help the government monitor the city's massive floating population.

  • Some like it cold

    2009-12-03 09:01

    Alex Zhao's elevated passion for adventure means that for him, the cold, hard realities of ice climbing are the high point of wintertime in Beijing.

  • Hooked on the high life

    2009-12-03 08:49

    It was the photograph of a rock climber on a sheer cliff face, who, despite the danger, appeared to be relaxed, that inspired Li Li to scale greater heights.

  • New horizons

    2009-12-02 10:02

    At the age of 14, Aman was forced to quit school, leave home and seek asylum in neighboring Iran.

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