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  • Blonde hair, blue eyes - and working on black labor market

    2009-12-22 10:04

    With long blonde hair and blue eyes, Erika Andreasson, a 24-year-old from Sweden, is exactly what English schools in the city are looking for - except that she has neither a teaching diploma nor teaching experience.

  • The teacher's secret

    2009-12-22 10:01

    Although Michelle doesn't have a working visa or a background in teaching, the Brazilian teaches English full time to a class of 3-year-old children at a kindergarten in Wangjing, Chaoyang district.

  • Breath of fresh air

    2009-12-22 09:12

    Although a number of people move to big cities in search of work, some white-collar workers choose to leave these cities for a simpler existence elsewhere.

  • Jumping for joy

    2009-12-21 08:43

    The roaring whirlpool where the 25-m-high Diaoshuilou Waterfall smashes into Heilongjiang province's Jingpo Lake captivated Di Huanran's gaze.

  • Keeping memories alive

    2009-12-17 09:52

    These items were once the treasured belongings of 56 young students of Xinjian Primary School and Juyuan Middle School in Dujiangyan.

  • 'Tree men' hold key to climate change

    2009-12-21 08:56

    Lai Zhenglin, a 43-year-old farmer in East China's Zhejiang province, is proud of his new skill - identifying tree species.

  • Home is where Kunqu is

    2009-12-16 09:41

    In the past five years, Kenneth Pai Hsien-yong has become widely known in China as a promoter of Kunqu Opera.

  • Right on track

    2009-12-16 10:24

    Duncan Peattie from Kingston upon Thames, England, reads and speaks little Chinese. But since 2001, he has been doing a Chinese-English translation.

  • 'Sign of the times'

    2009-12-14 09:06

    The vigor of Wu Chengzhen's faith has made her an exception to nearly two millennia of Taoist clerical orthodoxy.

  • Country life just 'experience' for students

    2009-12-15 11:45

    Hu Yuegao, a professor at the college of agriculture and biotechnology at China Agriculture University, has directed his research focus towards cunguan, or village officials, since 2004 and published a report on the group earlier this year.

  • Spot light: with Michelle Yang

    2009-12-14 10:09

    Wedding Director Michelle Yang's job entails getting a million details right: flowers, photos, music, cake, color schemes, invitations, and it goes on.

  • Beer girls wanted for city's new German beer festival

    2009-12-11 10:17

    As many as 1,000 German beer waitresses, chefs and musicians will come to Beijing to stage a month-long German-style Beijing International Beer Festival from May 1 next year.

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