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  • In photos, witness to the era of vinyl

    2010-11-21 10:06

    Archivists' finds include this portrait of Aretha Franklin and a photocopy of a letter that Beethoven wrote from Vienna to a former pupil in 1819. Michael Appleton for The New York Times;

  • College students, living the good life

    2010-11-21 09:39

    A record high of 690,923 international students came to American colleges and universities last year, according to a recent report from the Institute of International Education.

  • Charity ball raises money for migrant children

    2010-11-21 09:14

    He had hoped his mother would let him sleep just a bit longer. He is tired and it is cold and dark outside. But his tears are in vain.

  • Flying high

    2010-11-21 09:05

    It was Zhang Yimou's 2003 film House of Flying Daggers that brought Wang Yabin, 26, to national attention.

  • Living Relic

    2010-11-21 08:52

    One man holds fast to a fading code that values heritage and national pride above personal gain and fame. Qin Zhongwei seeks out the legend behind China's first private museum.

  • Drawn to the movies

    2010-11-18 09:20

    As recently as the 1990s, Chinese film posters were hand-painted conversation pieces that enticed audiences into the theaters.

  • Unsung heroes

    2010-11-17 09:59

    Chinese captives of the Korean War (1950-1953), fought fierce ideological battles to be returned to the mainland, only to be branded traitors for not fighting to the end - till they were rehabilitated in 1980. Wen Chihua from China Features reports.

  • Lend me your ears

    2010-11-16 09:45

    Both rural and urban adolescents, left behind or alone by their fortune-seeking parents find solace in "Caring Sister".

  • Fund raising gala held in Beijing

    2010-11-15 10:16

    UN World Food Programme Fund Raising Gala Dinner” was held in the Grand Ballroom in Swissôtel Beijing, on 29 October, 2010. This Event was organized by the Embassy of Peru, Swissôtel Beijing, Swissôtel Lima in collaboration with the UN WFP and CFPA China.

  • Out of the dark room, into the light

    2010-11-12 09:27

    New Zealand photographer Tom Hutchins recorded his impressions of China in 1956. Many of the previously unseen photos provide valuable insight into the transformation of a nation.

  • Mettle of honor

    2010-11-11 09:43

    A Chinese veteran of the Korean War recalls the sacrifices his compatriots made for the country and his complicated attitude toward Americans.

  • A different kind of family

    2010-11-09 09:32

    Shanghai Pride shines the light on friends and families of gays and lesbians. Shi Yingying reports

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