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  • Roses all the way for Expo

    2009-12-30 09:13

    Shanghai Expo, a celebration of different cultures, is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from all over the world.

  • Lost childhoods

    2009-12-29 09:52

    More parents are enrolling children as young as 7 in extra classes to make sure they stay ahead of the competition.

  • It's all about trust

    2009-12-28 09:07

    Turay Lamin, 44, from Sierra Leone, compares the China-Africa relationship to a marriage.

  • Leading by example

    2009-12-28 08:50

    Two Yunnan officials have been changing the face of governance with bold ideas.

  • Spot light: With Ron Wong

    2009-12-26 11:39

    In her first solo show, at Shanghai's M Art Center on Moganshan Road, Ron Wong uses watercolors, sketches and oil paintings to capture a side of Shanghai.

  • Proud of being a Chinese

    2009-12-25 09:35

    I love the simplicity of my two-syllable name, with its alphabetic gaggle, because it identifies me as uniquely Chinese. 

  • At home with 'Mr Mom'

    2009-12-24 09:42

    Not every trailing spouse of an expat on the move is a woman.

  • Controlling cat numbers the humane way

    2009-12-23 09:43

    This is one of ICVS' routine seminars on this non-profit program, that Peng established in 2007 right after she co-founded the ICVS.

  • Baba Wang's family

    2009-12-23 09:36

    Located in Dalian, the village opened on Nov 18 and is headed by Wang Gangyi, whom the children call "Baba Wang".

  • Home for Christmas

    2009-12-23 09:41

    For many expat families in China, where and how to spend Christmas is an annual dilemma. Where to get a Christmas tree? Where to buy the turkey or where to get Christmas stockings?

  • Law suit filed for self-burned man against village

    2009-12-23 09:31

    The brother of a man who was seriously burned after dousing himself in gasoline last week has filed a lawsuit against a village committee in Haidian district court.

  • A photographic record

    2009-12-22 10:11

    A History in Photographs 1842-Today, a visual celebration of China's most international city, combines exclusive images from the official Shanghai city archive, private collections and contemporary commissions from some of the world's top photographers.

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