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  • Living the dream

    2010-01-12 08:58

    Leading a double life is becoming increasingly popular among youngsters who are keen to pursue their interests rather than simply settle for a day job.

  • Heritage for sale

    2010-01-12 08:38

    Touching documentary captures a Mosuo family's wrenching choice between the ways of the old and temptations of the new.

  • The ultimate scientist

    2010-01-08 09:26

    Arguably China's most-watched writer Mo Yan takes on the family planning policy in his new novel and shares why he thinks that 'of all things, life is most valuable'.

  • Cao gets a makeover

    2010-01-07 10:22

    The legendary politician and general from the Three Kingdoms Period (AD 220-280), Cao Cao can rest in peace now that his descendants proudly acknowledge him.

  • Lots of love, lots of space

    2010-01-07 11:35

    You know how some people say they never realized how much they loved their childhood until they grew up?

  • Free spirit

    2010-01-05 10:22

    Picked to be trained in ethnic dance, a Tibetan shepherd boy breaks loose from his constraints and storms the world stage with a powerful self-expression.

  • Salute to a general

    2010-01-04 09:57

    A feared guerrilla fighter, whose century-plus life witnessed the most important events of modern Chinese history, was as adept at wielding a tennis racquet as he was at shouldering a rifle.

  • Disabled tourists face more discrimination

    2009-12-31 10:09

    A disabled man's claims of discrimination he faced with a tourist group in Hong Kong are raising concerns about traveling for the disabled.

  • The past as drama

    2009-12-31 09:48

    A school teacher of history, who uses an unconventional approach to breathe life into his lectures, is now a TV celebrity.

  • Homeless shelter overwhelmed

    2009-12-29 09:54

    The city's largest relief center, or homeless shelter, is worrying that the current freezing weather, as well as the coming Spring Festival, will further strain its resources.

  • Maids' responsibilities made clear

    2009-12-30 09:21

    Fang Yuan is a 19-year-old housekeeper who has worked in Beijing for more than one year. Life as a maid in the city has not been easy.

  • Driving drinkers home

    2009-12-30 09:52

    As a veteran chauffeur, Wang Zhenxi is used to late nights and drunken customers, but he still was surprised when he found his latest client half unconscious and collapsed on a chair.

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