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  • The lantern maker

    2010-02-12 11:05

    The color and grandeur of the most important occasion on the Chinese calendar would not be possible but for some lesser known heroes.

  • The pole stuntman

    2010-02-12 11:08

    With Beijing resuming its tradition of holding a temple fair for the Spring Festival at Ditan Park, in 1985, Fu Wengang has become a star.

  • The banquet queen

    2010-02-12 11:07

    For the past five years, farmer-turned nanny Zhang Aixia from Henan province has not been sharing the Lunar New Year eve dinner with her own family.

  • Success by consensus

    2010-02-10 10:29

    The reconstruction of a motorway has taught residents of a village in quake-hit Sichuan a whole new way of working together.

  • Man vs nature

    2010-02-10 10:16

    A farmer who shot a rare tiger has been made a scapegoat for environmental protection, highlighting the difficulties faced by those who live near nature reserves.

  • The great reunion dilemma

    2010-02-08 10:04

    The traditional reunion dinner to celebrate the New Year often threatens to become a "cold war" between Zhao Ying and her husband.

  • Break from tradition

    2010-02-08 10:00

    Spring Festival is traditionally celebrated by returning to the family home, but some individuals, for a variety of reasons, celebrate the holiday differently.

  • Go-green messenger

    2010-02-04 10:30

    Distressed at the deteriorating conditions of his village, an ordinary farmer digs deep into the family's savings to spread concern for the environment.

  • Stand by me and be my friend

    2010-02-02 10:05

    Colin Pemp, 27, has been working hard to support his ex-Chinese girlfriend for two years, after an accident paralyzed her.

  • Retired teacher determined to find 'sunken city'

    2010-02-04 10:31

    Among the 20 primary and middle school students who had gathered for a free weekend English class recently in Xichang, Southwest China's Sichuan province, sat 63-year-old Hu Bigui.

  • Flower power monk protects 'wild west'

    2010-02-01 09:52

    The lama of Serkhang Monastery in southwestern Qinghai province has spent a good part of his life observing the plants blanketing the holy Gadoiqowo Mountain in Chindu county, Yushu Tibetan prefecture.

  • Larger than life

    2010-01-29 09:14

    The suspended 10-m-tall installation Glacier, and Lili, a giant figure who appears to be living in some future time and space, are wowing visitors to the Yintai Center, in Beijing, near the World Trade Center.

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