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  • Economic whiz-kid recalls his fortune

    2010-03-01 11:50

    From collecting coins to becoming a successful financialinvestor with two luxury villas and downtown apartments in the city, Ma Wenya, 21, is an early pursuer of wealth.

  • Success all the way

    2010-02-27 10:03

    While the upward trajectory of Chris Shum's rise from hotel cashier to general manager is remarkable in itself, it's his career path's zigzags that make it exceptional.

  • Beijingers hitchhike to Berlin

    2010-02-25 10:14

    Gu Yue and Liu Chang hitchhiked from Beijing to Berlin last year in order to visit Gu's German girlfriend.

  • Recipe for career change

    2010-02-26 10:36

    Jennifer Yeh went from the frenetic lifestyle of a TV commercial producer in downtown Manhattan to the owner of a small artisan bakery on the fringe of Beijing's Shunyi district almost entirely on a whim.

  • Changes aim to improve welfare for housemaids

    2010-02-26 10:09

    Pilot project to sign contracts with housekeeping companies on the way.

  • Clowning around with flowers

    2010-02-25 10:15

    For those who have spotted a clown riding a motorbike through Beijing recently, we assure you that you were not imagining things.

  • History, havoc in a hutong household

    2010-02-24 10:49

    "Retro meets chaos in a haphazard way." This is how Dominic Johnson-Hill describes his homely hutong household stuffed in a side street between the bars and boutiques of Nanluoguxiang.

  • Washed away

    2010-02-23 09:44

    As the Grand Canal and its glory recede into the past, the craftsmen born and raised alongside the canal are also starting to disappear, along with their remarkable skills.

  • Friends for a day

    2010-02-23 09:29

    Tweaking the idea of flash-mobs is flash-play, meeting a stranger in an unfamiliar city for the day.

  • Life's an opera stage

    2010-02-18 15:37

    I set out on a journey in Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang province, last April after a friend told me stories about the folk opera troupes there.

  • Heard on the grapevine

    2010-02-20 09:45

    Jeannie Cho Lee thinks drinking wine is like meeting interesting people.

  • Constant battle with wrecking ball

    2010-02-22 09:54

    Zhang Jinqi lives in an old hutong neighborhood simply because he wants to.

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