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  • Join the club

    2010-03-03 09:09

    The mainland nightlife scene is booming, and, like its clubbers, it's starting to assume a unique identity as it grows.

  • Khemit's 'fight or flight' adventures

    2010-03-03 10:18

    Khemit Bailey is a 28-year-old American who has lived in Beijing for more than a year.

  • Engineer student shoots high with developing career in photography

    2010-03-03 10:20

    Zhao Lu, 28, started work as a wedding photographer in 2002 at the Beijing branch of the V2 Vision photographic organization, a reputable company with branches in several cities in China, as well as Malaysia and New Zealand.

  • How did you become so famous in China?

    2010-03-03 10:00

    My talented in-house design manager, Dennis, asked me this question while we were traveling in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.

  • You've got mail

    2010-03-03 09:25

    Showing sheer grit, a young woman has braved roaring rivers, snowstorms, landslides and snakes to bring news of loved ones to residents of a remote township in Yunnan province.

  • 'Let me entertain you'

    2010-03-03 09:07

    Allan Zeman is an extraordinary businessman, responsible for developing Hong Kong's tourism industry and about to tap into the mainland's potential.

  • Sound of sorrow

    2010-03-02 13:21

    The cuoqin dates back 4,000 years but would have largely been forgotten today except for the efforts of one man.

  • Master sheds light onto his love of photography

    2010-03-02 14:14

    Photographer Xian Qianyun, 63, gained national fame for taking portraits for China Photo Studio on Wangfujing for the past 48 years.

  • Keep trim with a cut above the rest

    2010-03-02 14:12

    It was 10 am on a Tuesday morning. Inviting steam thawed frozen customers entering Beijing's Silian Hairdressing and Beauty Center in Wangfujing.

  • Most starry eyes end in tears

    2010-03-02 14:03

    Competition to get into Beijing's top acting schools is tight and applicants often resort to unorthodox measures to stand out.

  • The economics of Kebab King

    2010-03-02 13:51

    When he made the highest bids for food stalls at two local temple fairs that occurred during Spring Festival, Kebab King Gu Shengli was confident he would make millions.

  • Painter dabbles in noble works

    2010-03-01 13:43

    Sitting in an antique Chinese chair of sandalwood, Ziwei brewed a pot of Chinese green tea.

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