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  • Billy doesn't pull the heartstrings; he taps them instead

    2010-03-15 20:41

    Billy McLaughlin's acoustic guitar concert starts with a biographical documentary about his physical and spiritual struggle to once more pick up the instrument he so dearly loves.

  • Bidding a fond farewell to the past

    2010-03-15 09:52

    The paintings of Han Xin capture modern life as it intrudes on tradition.

  • Home in the Great Wall

    2010-03-15 09:45

    Two generations of a Hui family in Ningxia have made it their goal to protect this ancient structure, by living in a cave house at the foot of the former city fortress.

  • Ireland's ambassador a man of the people

    2010-03-13 10:10

    Perhaps it's because of the luck of his compatriots that Irish Ambassador Declan Kelleher's time in China has been so enjoyable.

  • Grossman on Samson and China

    2010-03-12 09:48

    David Grossman, who is doing the rounds of the various book festivals held across China this month, became a broadcast journalist with Israel Radio at the absurd age of 10.

  • High on the hoolock

    2010-03-11 10:08

    A former teacher turns his love of nature into a study of the endangered gibbon in the forests of Yunnan.

  • Portrait of an artist

    2010-03-11 09:52

    A major retrospective of abstract expressionist Chu Teh-Chun in his 90th year consolidates his claim to greatness.

  • Rules of patriarchy

    2010-03-10 10:12

    Contrary to the law, a deep-rooted tradition in rural north China still dictates it is sons who must care for the parents - and who stand to inherit the family assets.

  • Special women receive recognition

    2010-03-08 11:11

    Pan Mei'er has been taking care of leprosy patients for the past 13 years and her extraordinary devotion has earned her an award for being one of the country's top 10 career women role models.

  • Grabbing the reins of his new life

    2010-03-04 10:11

    Guo Baoyan, from Weifang, eastern Shandong province, is a 29-year-old horse riding instructor at the Beijing Great Wall Sunshine Valley Equestrian Club in Beijing's Yanqing county.

  • Little people, broad shoulders

    2010-03-04 09:48

    A theme park in Kunming gives unusually short people not just protection from society's jibes but also helps them earn their own living.

  • Qi tops pops

    2010-03-04 09:32

    Qi Baishi has been ranked third in sales, behind Picasso and Warhol, in the latest art auction list.

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