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  • Power within

    2010-03-23 10:31

    Leslie T Chang's Factory Girls illustrates the profound changes in China since reform and opening up through the eyes of migrant women workers.

  • Fried buns made to Swiss precision

    2010-03-23 10:27

    At a busy street in Wuhan, Hubei province, a long line of customers waits patiently to buy shengjianbao, or fried stuffed bun, from a handsome Swiss national who runs the 10-square-meter eatery.

  • All in the family

    2010-03-23 10:24

    'Tiger kissing' animal trainer, who has also helped deliver the cubs, shares her simple formula of safety with Guo Shuhan.

  • Back in the saddle

    2010-03-22 09:19

    More than 1,000 years ago, horse caravans along the Southern Silk Road carried tea and salt. Today's mule caravans carry construction materials.

  • 'My kind of town'

    2010-03-19 09:30

    Shanghai is not only home to transsexual dancer Jin Xing, but also to a host of other independent minded and experimental artists.

  • Global face of stinging taste

    2010-03-20 07:34

    The plain-speaking owner of one of the country's most popular restaurants tells Ye Jun why she thinks Sichuan cuisine is set to take flight

  • He explores other worlds with his words

    2010-03-19 09:41

    China reminds Alberto Ruy-Sanchez of 1950s Mexico.

  • Changing their tune

    2010-03-18 10:03

    Switching from farming to making violins, residents of a rural township are not just living better but also nurturing potential maestros.

  • Just another night saving kids' lives

    2010-03-17 13:00

    Beijing Children's Hospital is located at the West Second Ring Road in Xicheng District.

  • Bike enthusiasts gear up to convert commuters in city

    2010-03-17 11:23

    With an ever-increasing number of cars on Beijing's streets, some expatriates are pushing to counteract the clog by forming a group of dedicated cyclists which aims to push awareness of commuting options.

  • Empowering women theme of global summit

    2010-03-16 11:08

    "Frailty, thy name is woman," wrote Shakespeare in Hamlet, in an allusion to the perceived weakness of women.

  • Man of red letters

    2010-03-16 11:05

    French scholar Claude Hudelot has written on China's leadership for decades, and his new book offers a visual perspective on late Chairman Mao Zedong.

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