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  • The good doctor

    2010-04-05 08:41

    Millions owe their well-being to the creator of the country's modern medical care system, the former minister of health Qian Xinzhong, who passed away last year.

  • Poetry set in stone

    2010-04-01 15:51

    Renowned architect I.M. Pei may have made world headlines with his controversial glass pyramid at the Louvre, but that is not the project that means the most to him.

  • Making the leap

    2010-03-31 11:07

    Zhang Zuyong, 28, believes the rush to leave for smaller cities began at the end of last year. Months before that, Zhang left Beijing for a new job in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, in northwestern Hainan province.

  • He spent his life helping poor students

    2010-03-31 09:17

    The name Shangri-La evokes images of a utopia - a secluded paradise filled with happy, forever-young people - made famous by British author James Hilton in his 1933 novel, Lost Horizon.

  • Forming connections

    2010-03-31 09:15

    Fascinated with Yi culture, a Han Chinese has taught himself the language and English, so that he can pass it on to minority children.

  • 'Matches made in heaven'

    2010-03-31 09:01

    A growing number of Chinese men are seeking wives from Vietnam because they cannot find a suitable partner in their own country.

  • White-collar exodus

    2010-03-30 10:00

    Educated workers are fleeing the nation's largest cities because jobs and apartments are easier to find in second- and third-tier cities.

  • For China's madame maestro, life is an enduring symphony

    2010-03-29 10:01

    Even at 80, the country's first female orchestra conductor still shows up regularly on the podium to direct first-class orchestras with her agile, fluid gestures.

  • Quackers about duck

    2010-03-27 09:06

    Chef and GM of the Da Dong duck restaurant chain, Dong Zhenxiang hopes to leave a culinary legacy. And it looks like he's succeeding. Ye Jun reports

  • A slower legacy for Bruce Lee in Chinese ancestral town

    2010-03-26 09:06

    In the sleepy town of Xiacun in southern China, elders doze and children play along "little dragon" alley, which winds its way to the ancestral home of kung fu star Bruce Lee.

  • Birds eye view

    2010-03-25 10:32

    Hornbills and other rare birds can be spotted in Yunnan province's Nabang, but the sanctuary is under threat.

  • Negotiating skills help in hot market

    2010-03-24 09:48

    Guo Juan came to Beijing from Hebei province after graduating from Jilin Agricultural University with a degree in English in 2008.

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