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  • Seeing eye to eye

    2010-12-08 09:07

    A team of Chinese ophthalmologists has been helping thousands blinded by cataracts in Africa. Huang Yiming reports.

  • A family that thawed cold war ice

    2010-12-07 09:18

    When you visit Englishman Stephen Perry's home, expect to be offered Chinese tea. The choice reflects the deep ties that the 62-year-old and his family have with China.

  • Heath's hearth

    2010-12-07 09:18

    A Chinese benefactor is being sought to save from closure the home of one of the key figures in China's opening up to the West, Andrew Moody reports

  • Race against time

    2010-12-06 09:17

    As the authorities step up efforts to save the grasslands from over-grazing, herders struggle to protect an abiding icon of their ethnic identity - the horse.

  • No longer forgotten

    2010-12-01 09:48

    Until recently, a 6-year-old HIV-positive boy has lived holed up in a remote mountain village, cut off from humanity with only a dog for company.

  • One-man wonder

    2010-11-30 14:00

    The Mount Taishan shadow play is performed by one person, who sings and controls the puppets.

  • Model worker

    2010-12-02 09:13

    The girl who once studied to be a tour guide in Hunan is now one of the most popular faces on the runway in Paris and New York.

  • 'AIDS is close to you'

    2010-12-01 09:47

    In the run up to World AIDS Day on Wednesday, staff and volunteers at Prevention Through Education (PTE) were frantically busy producing a CD album and preparing for a charity event, in addition to their usual work giving seminars and advice on AIDS prevention.

  • A handshake was all it took to transform a life

    2010-12-01 09:48

    AIDS patient Wang Mengcai looks into the mirror at Beijing Ditan Hospital's Home of Red Ribbon and declares himself immensely satisfied with his new haircut.

  • Marriage has no borders

    2010-11-26 10:14

    Vietnamese brides of Chinese men find it difficult to adapt to life in their new surroundings, but appear keen to make the most of the situation. Guo Shuhan reports.

  • Small is beautiful

    2010-11-24 09:58

    Little people affected by dwarfism are helping themselves through an association to protect their rights and provide support for members. Xu Junqian reports.

  • 'Be brave and hold on to life'

    2010-11-24 09:55

    Liu Aihua is 58 and 88 cm tall. From Changsha, capital of Hunan province, Liu stopped growing not long after she turned 1, when she injured a tendon in her spine after falling.

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