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  • Ancient temple, modern home

    2010-06-03 10:12

    When a Belgian-born jewelry designer wanted to live in a place of worship, her husband readily agreed.

  • Soothing jittery nerves

    2010-06-03 09:33

    As the dreaded college entrance exams approach, spare a thought for those patient teachers putting in 12-hour days to prepare their wards for the big day, says Lin Qi

  • Soul music

    2010-06-02 09:38

    Music lessons give migrant workers' children another string to their bow, helping them develop the confidence to strive for a better life.

  • 'Serving the people' the Swiss way

    2010-06-01 10:07

    Having lived in China for 13 years, Ma Ti says he has now emigrated to the country.

  • Australian opportunities dry up for Chinese students

    2010-05-31 09:32

    A recent change in Australia's immigration policy is having an impact on Chinese students.

  • Bottom of the pyramid

    2010-05-31 09:32

    An author who infiltrated and exposed a cult-like group organized around defrauding members.

  • Double the happiness

    2010-05-27 13:54

    Women from Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar are increasingly marrying Chinese men in Yunnan province, despite such marriages being illegal.

  • Made in heaven

    2010-05-26 09:55

    A wedding planner, she has finally been able to come up with a wedding banquet that is rooted in tradition and yet appeals to the younger generation.Also, the newly-weds are expected to return to the bride's hometown - as the wedding is typically held in the groom's hometown - and throw a banquet for the family's close relatives and neighbors.

  • Secret lives

    2010-05-22 10:02

    A young lady hoping to smooth relations with an ill-tempered father chances upon the touching stories of thousands of 'Taiwan mainlanders'.

  • Bikram yoga the next hot thing for fitness

    2010-05-21 09:36

    When Sophia Lian wants to start her yoga exercise classes, she prefers the ambient temperature to be well above 35 C.

  • A touch of Thailand in Beijing

    2010-05-20 10:41

    Diplomat Sompong Nimchuar and his wife have combined their hobbies and beliefs into their home.

  • Li Bai poems thrill Canada

    2010-05-20 10:20

    The poems of Li Bai (AD 701-762) were celebrated on Monday night in Vancouver when works of the famed literary master were recited in 10 languages as part of the ongoing Asian Heritage Month in the Canadian city.

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