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  • American face, Chinese kungfu

    2010-07-16 09:41

    For singer and songwriter Jess Meider, Beijing is a bastion of relaxed creativity, writes Todd Balazovic.

  • CRI host thinks on his feet as he floats in the air

    2010-07-15 09:43

    Radio show host says his most memorable interview was with Dr Henry Kissinger, writes Joseph Christian.

  • Cheers and tears

    2010-07-15 09:17

    Three years of mind-blowing stunts has a young man in Jiangsu province mulling other ways to make a living.

  • Shimmering with hope

    2010-07-15 09:05

    For 25 years, teacher Shi Lansong has been ferrying his pupils safely to school, declining opportunities to better his own life. Raymond Zhou reports

  • Past masters

    2010-07-14 10:12

    A couple has committed itself to the voluntary full time teaching of the Chinese classics to children.

  • Where nothing is as it seems

    2010-07-14 10:02

    Fuzhou may be located in China's rapidly developing southeast, but it's the "wild, wild west" to American Anne Meredith.

  • Destiny's child

    2010-07-13 10:16

    For Tan Yuanyuan, ballet is not only about technique, it is how you dance with your heart to touch your audience.

  • Lure of money and jobs draws European model to China

    2010-07-09 10:06

    Hungarian fox tells METRO's Todd Balazovic why she thinks Beijing is a model's paradise

  • Nailing their colors to the mast

    2010-07-09 09:35

    The treasure trove of seafaring knowledge amassed by the Chinese over the centuries is at the heart of a debate over the extent of their ancient voyages, Mike Peters reports

  • Never tired of gorgeous women

    2010-07-07 10:19

    Photographer trains his lens on many kinds of beauty, writes Huang Yuli of METRO.

  • Sties in her eyes

    2010-07-06 09:13

    Most people are bewildered when Mindi Schneider tells them her reason for coming to live in Chengdu: to research the pork production of Sichuan province.

  • Cleaner sweeps his way to the top

    2010-07-06 09:48

    METRO's Li Jiabao reports on a veteran who is mopping up the image of Henan people with his cleaning career

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