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  • From banking to baking: A culinary career change

    2010-08-05 10:11

    Pastry chef Lin Zhong is empowered by the art of Le Cordon Bleu cooking.

  • A road less traveled

    2010-08-05 09:50

    Long before the earthquake, a group of people were braving the perilous journey to Yushu to help provide education for the local children.

  • Windows of opportunity

    2010-08-03 09:32

    When Hou Chaolin left his hometown in Linquan, Anhui province, to seek a new life in the city in 2005, he did not expect to face even harsher conditions.

  • Moving on, looking back

    2010-08-03 09:31

    From herdsman to farmer, a journey in Inner Mongolia by Xinhua writers Lu Qiuping and Zhang Yunlong.

  • China's changes through a lens

    2010-08-02 09:41

    Reviewing composition, monitoring shutter speeds and controlling aperture are daily tasks for Peter Carney.

  • Preaching to the choir

    2010-08-02 10:06

    According to Feng Zhikai's "fashion Bible", Chinese designers should not blindly follow the West, but listen to their hearts.

  • Changing mindsets

    2010-07-31 11:30

    Cherie Blair, the wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is in China to promote equal rights for women worldwide.

  • Canuck steals the show

    2010-07-30 10:42

    Unique looks open a fashion door in the city for Canadian beauty Jennifer Steele, writes William Axford.

  • Freewheeling acrobat peddles love of bikes

    2010-07-29 09:30

    German cyclist wants to share her passion for environmentally friendly fixed-gear bicycles with Beijingers.

  • Reaching for the sky

    2010-07-29 09:22

    A Beijing native has become the first Chinese woman to scale the summits of the world's tallest mountains, completing mountaineering's ultimate 'Seven Plus Two' challenge, reports Karyn Piechule.

  • Hand model grabs his big opportunity

    2010-07-28 09:58

    When Zhang Xi walks into the interview room, the 24-year-old looks more like a gym teacher than a model, with his sleeves rolled up and his muscular arms showing.

  • Grueling skincare regimen part of day

    2010-07-28 09:58

    The life of most models may seem to involve a lot glamour and attention, but hand and foot models tend to work long, grueling hours in obscurity and must keep up complicated day-by-day hand and foot care.

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