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  • Bah, humbug! Shoppers to spend less on holidays

    2010-11-05 08:59

    Half of U.S. families with young children plan to spend less on holiday shopping than they did last year, and some will spend nothing at all, because of concerns about the economy, according to a new poll.

  • New Zealand minister improves links with China

    2010-11-04 09:27

    While visiting China to promote cooperation between New Zealand's and China's information and communication technologies (ICT) companies, Steven Joyce also tackled education issues.

  • Reel horror stories

    2010-11-04 09:16

    The rest of the world sells ghoulishness around Halloween and reaps a tidy profit. Here, it's much harder to sell real horror, especially if you are a filmmaker struggling to read the red tape on what can, and cannot, be shown in horror movies.

  • Untested protege slips into tank of oracle octopus

    2010-11-04 09:10

    Paul, Germany's late World Cup oracle octopus, was replaced by Paul II on Wednesday -- though his owners are still unsure whether the new cephalopod has also been blessed with the gift of prophecy.

  • Management Tip of the Day: Kill more good ideas

    2010-11-04 09:10

    To come up with a few good ideas, you need to generate a lot of bad ones. And to give your good ideas a chance of reaching their full potential, you need to do some serious pruning.

  • Starbucks defeats woman's tea burn lawsuit

    2010-11-04 08:59

    A Manhattan woman has failed to persuade a U.S. appeals court that Starbucks Corp should be held liable for severe burns she suffered after spilling tea served in a double cup.

  • Law curbs McDonald's Happy Meal toys

    2010-11-04 08:59

    San Francisco has become the first major U.S. city to pass a law that cracks down on the popular practice of giving away free toys with unhealthy restaurant meals for children.

  • Cold weather can't freeze seat scramble

    2010-11-03 09:32

    Early in the morning, when silence and darkness still reign over the campus, a long line has already formed before the entrances of the library.

  • Portuguese wine family saves the grapes

    2010-11-03 09:09

    Climate change has a serious impact on all kinds of crops, including grapes, but one Portuguese wine family is trying to save some of the country's seldom-used varieties from global warming.

  • Same-sex couple in Israel's "Dancing with the Stars"

    2010-11-03 09:08

    Two Israeli women teamed up on Tuesday to become the first same-sex couple to compete in a version of the internationally popular "Dancing with the Stars" television series.

  • Cafe awning saves baby in seven-story fall

    2010-11-03 08:51

    A 15-month-old baby girl survived a fall from a seventh-floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passer-by, police said on Tuesday.

  • Pizza chain offers $31,000/hour part-time job

    2010-11-03 08:51

    Take-out pizza chain hiring. Aged over 18, no experience required. Uniform provided. Salary: $31,000 an hour.

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