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  • Police bust Paris "booby" trap gang

    2010-08-19 09:20

    French police have arrested two teenage girls they say stole hundreds of euros from unsuspecting cash machine customers after distracting them by flashing their breasts.

  • Singapore extends jail term for Swiss graffiti man

    2010-08-19 09:20

    A Singapore court on Wednesday extended a jail term for a Swiss man by two months to seven and maintained an earlier ruling that he receives three strokes of the cane for trespassing and spray-painting graffiti on a train.

  • "Cougar" trend of women chasing younger men a myth: study

    2010-08-19 09:19

    Madonna and Demi Moore may be fuelling talk of a growing trend for older women on the prowl for younger men but a study on Wednesday said the phenomenon of the "cougar" is a myth, confined to the world of celebrities.

  • Swimmers and coaches welcome return to "skinny-dipping"

    2010-08-18 15:50

    As with the European championships in Budapest last week, the Pan Pacific meeting starting Wednesday will be swum au naturel, or closer to it than any time in the past 15 years.

  • All meat and no veg

    2010-08-18 10:10

    Being the closest living human relative to the great carnivorous beasts that roamed our planet many millions of years ago, the vast array of dishes containing members of the animal kingdom was a personal delight on arriving in Beijing.

  • They paved my paradise

    2010-08-18 10:10

    Don't it always seem to go/That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone/They paved paradise/And put up a parking lot - Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi.

  • Using the Internet to prophet on predictions

    2010-08-18 09:53

    "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see" is as dated as Doris Day.

  • Informal work networks new form of inequality: study

    2010-08-18 09:05

    Informal networks at work are fostering inequality and preventing women from advancing their careers and breaking through the glass ceiling, according to new research.

  • Schools, tech companies tailor social sites for students

    2010-08-18 09:05

    Heading to a new university for Fall 2010 and want advice from other students? Looking for housing, textbooks, knowledge about a professor or class, or simply a ticket to the weekend's big game?

  • Mexican butterflies threatened by severe storms

    2010-08-18 09:05

    Fabled monarch butterflies are facing a new threat from severe storms that have devastated some sanctuary forests in Mexico, conservation groups said on Monday.

  • Golfing is popular for career advancement: poll

    2010-08-18 09:05

    Nearly 40 percent of employees in India play golf to mingle with senior business executives, the highest proportion of any country surveyed in a new poll.

  • Supreme Court rules Mexico City gay adoption legal

    2010-08-18 09:04

    Mexico's Supreme Court upheld on Monday a Mexico City law allowing married same-sex couples to adopt children in its second landmark gay rights decision this month.

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