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  • High cost of living it out in the city

    2010-09-02 10:10

    After being back in Beijing for a year, I am starting to come out of my honeymoon period.

  • Poised for takeoff

    2010-09-02 09:58

    An oil painter, a photographer and an art apprentice come together to make a full-length feature on birds.

  • It's another ride for Ben Affleck

    2010-09-02 09:49

    In the glory days of the 1990s, Ben Affleck and his friend Matt Damon, a couple of struggling actors, startled Hollywood by writing brilliantly conceived roles for themselves into a screenplay called Good Will Hunting, and picking up an Oscar for their effort.

  • Nolan dreams up box-office winner

    2010-09-02 09:39

    Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception, which has become a global sensation, hit Chinese mainland theaters yesterday, untouched by censors.

  • Rare Roman lantern found in UK farmer's field

    2010-09-02 09:12

    An intact Roman lantern made of bronze, believed by experts to be the only one of its kind in Britain, has been unearthed in a field by a metal-detecting enthusiast.

  • Gettysburg casino plan ignites modern battle

    2010-09-02 09:12

    Plans to build a casino on the edge of America's most famous Civil War battlefield have sparked a modern-day battle that resonates beyond southern Pennsylvania.

  • The Brazilians are coming -- to a store near you

    2010-09-02 09:12

    The chattering line of Brazilians, many straining under the weight of their duty-free bags, stretched back hundreds of feet after a recent Monday night flight from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro.

  • "Gone With the Wind" fans give gowns another day

    2010-09-02 09:11

    Fans of "Gone with the Wind" obviously do give a damn about Scarlett O'Hara's extravagant dresses with a museum appeal for funds to restore gowns from the 1939 movie meeting its target in three weeks.

  • Get your Blair book signed -- and obey the rules

    2010-09-02 08:58

    Former British prime minister Tony Blair will sign copies of his memoir in Dublin on Saturday but customers can forget about getting a personal dedication or even a photograph from the author.

  • Vuvuzelas banned from European soccer competition

    2010-09-02 08:47

    Vuvuzelas have been kicked out of European competitions after UEFA said that the controversial plastic trumpets drowned out supporters and detracted from the emotion of the game.

  • Iran's animal man shares home with snakes, croc and monkey

    2010-09-01 08:54

    Filming with animals can be frightening for actors but a man living in a tiny apartment in Tehran with his crocodile, three snakes, an eagle and a miniature monkey says he can help.

  • Single life loses glamor in face of high-cost housing

    2010-09-01 09:28

    A friend who works in banking was unexpectedly dismissed not long ago. The job hunting that followed wasn't smooth.

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