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  • Keeping elite company

    2010-09-05 09:39

    General Manager of the Beijing clubhouse of Hong Kong Jockey Club makes sure he keeps a steady hand on the pulse of its privileged members.

  • French pensioner drives 58 years without license

    2010-09-03 09:22

    French police who stopped a 79-year old man Wednesday discovered that he had been driving without a license for nearly 60 years.

  • Where diplomacy is the art of paper-cuts

    2010-09-03 09:39

    You would be forgiven for mistaking an image of US President Barack Obama in Guangling for a photograph.

  • As temperatures soar, Japanese turn to ghost houses

    2010-09-03 09:38

    With Japan suffering its worst heatwave since records began in 1898, haunted houses or "obake yashiki" are doing a roaring trade as the traditional summertime venues to cool off.

  • Aussie school under fire for making "gay" Kookaburra "fun"

    2010-09-03 09:37

    A school principal has come under fire after making his primary school students replace a "gay" Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree with a "fun" bird in the classic Australian song.

  • German firm can't fire man for 1.8 cent theft

    2010-09-03 09:37

    A German company that fired a man for the theft of 1.8 euro cents (two U.S. cents) worth of electricity had no grounds for sacking him, a court ruled, dismissing the firm's appeal against his reinstatement.

  • Scotland announces minimum price for alcohol

    2010-09-03 09:22

    Scotland's government announced on Thursday that its planned minimum price for alcohol would be set at 45 pence per unit, meaning a bottle of wine would cost at least 4.23 pounds ($6.52) and a bottle of whisky 12.60 pounds.

  • God did not create the universe, says Hawking

    2010-09-03 09:22

    God did not create the universe and the "Big Bang" was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics, the eminent British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking argues in a new book.

  • Finance Ministry says defrauded by staffer

    2010-09-03 09:20

    The Dutch Finance Ministry Thursday acknowledged it was defrauded out of more than 160,000 euros ($204,800) earlier this year by an employee of the ministry unit that handles the state's financing needs.

  • Canadian parents more lenient than Italians and French

    2010-09-03 09:20

    Canadian parents are more lenient with their children than mothers and fathers in France and Italy, according to a new study.

  • Cup of tea forces jet to make emergency landing

    2010-09-02 08:48

    A British airplane en route to Poland was forced to make an emergency landing in Germany after a 56-year-old woman spilled a hot cup of tea on herself, German police said on Wednesday.

  • Dutch colleges angry over sex job ads for freshmen

    2010-09-02 08:48

    A number of Dutch colleges are considering legal action against the publisher of a move-in guide for new freshmen, after the company included an ad recruiting students for jobs as online sex workers.

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