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  • Duck house, symbol of UK expenses scandal, sold

    2010-09-07 09:23

    A floating duck house, which came to symbolize a parliamentary expenses scandal that rocked British politics last year, has been sold and the money given to a cancer charity, the organization said on Monday.

  • Modern Etiquette: What they see is what you get

    2010-09-07 09:16

    "What they see is what you get," fashion consultant Georgia Donovan told the Sotheby's staff in her talk entitled "Appearance Matters."

  • Get the celebrity scent with UK tabloid's perfume

    2010-09-07 09:16

    Britain's tabloid Sun newspaper launched its own celebrity perfume on Monday to provide readers with the scent of showbiz.

  • Don't let distance be a barrier

    2010-09-06 10:57

    I have been planning to write a comment about long-distance relationships for a month but each time the plan gets postponed because I spend most of my private time chatting with my boyfriend, online.

  • Paris metro body heat to help warm building

    2010-09-06 09:11

    The warmth generated by human bodies in the Parisian metro will help heat a public housing project in the city center, the capital's largest owner of social housing said Friday.

  • German party mistakenly hands out porn pens to kids

    2010-09-06 08:47

    To sweeten their first day at primary school German children are normally given a cardboard cone filled with sweets, but schoolchildren in Essen this year opened their cones to find pens which project erotic images.

  • Tourist treat - famous toilets

    2010-09-06 08:46

    For tourists tired of traditional sightseeing tours, one Berlin tour guide is offering something altogether different: a tour of Berlin's public conveniences.

  • In death of Mozart, a chorus of causes

    2010-09-05 10:04

    Direct medical evidence? None. Autopsy?Not performed. Medical records? Corpse?Disappeared.

  • Brains rescued for posterity

    2010-09-05 09:59

    Two floors below the main level of Yale University's medical school library is a room full of brains.

  • Royal family needs more than a storybook wedding

    2010-09-05 09:57

    Two dozen members of an association to abolish the monarchy were settled around a table in a spacious apartment in Stockholm when someone in the back of the room muttered, "Two hundred years since the French Revolution,and still we have a king."

  • In Andes, knotty Inca mystery endures

    2010-09-05 09:57

    This Andean village's isolation 4,000 meters above sea has allowed it to guard an enduring archaeological mystery: a collection of khipus, the cryptic woven knots that may explain how the Incas - in contrast to contemporaries in the Ottoman Empire and China's Ming dynasty - ruled a vast, administratively complex empire without a written language.

  • Fame's fall from grace

    2010-09-05 09:57

    Are fame's own 15 minutes up?

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