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  • With rising seas, looming catastrophe

    2010-11-21 09:40

    Scientists warn inaction may put coastal cities under water.

  • Fighting crime with a mystical mist

    2010-11-21 09:37

    When a McDonald's here was burglarized a few years ago, its managers decided they needed a new security system.

  • Drumming up support

    2010-11-18 09:53

    Actress Zhang Jingchu appeared at Esprit's Beijing flagship store in Sanlitun to participate in its Big Bang event, for which giant drums have been placed at 10 main Esprit boutique stores around the world.

  • Tanzanian resort gives street kids a new life

    2010-11-18 09:20

    The two young men work at Kiboko Lodge, an unusual resort hotel on the edge of Arusha National Park in northern Tanzania. With the exception of the manager, all 11 employees are former street children.

  • What goes around, comes around

    2010-11-18 09:20

    Of the rash of bartering sites that appeared in 2006, only a few survive. But their patrons believe money-less exchange is the way forward for a green lifestyle.

  • Foreign taxi driver gears up to put new show on the road

    2010-11-17 16:28

    The capital's taxi drivers come in all shapes and sizes but imagine hailing a cab and being greeted by a foreign driver.

  • Expat kids get the chance to connect with Santa

    2010-11-17 13:53

    capital's children won't have to rely on Rudolph to bring Father Christmas to Beijing this year, Santa has joined the Internet age.

  • Its gelivable! The whole world's speaking Chinese

    2010-11-17 09:45

    It always amuses me when someone says the lingua franca is English because they require bastard Latin to do so. Furthermore, the lingua franca, or default language, keeps changing.

  • Killer collection

    2010-11-17 09:42

    China's sword culture is one aspect of its history that has received little attention from researchers but thanks to a private collector that is fast changing. Zhu Linyong reports.

  • West is still the best

    2010-11-16 09:49

    Director Zhang Jizhong will present a brand new version of Journey to the West, a TV series adapted from the classic novel.

  • A 27-story showcase of wealth in India

    2010-11-15 14:48

    MUMBAI - The newest and most exclusive residential tower for this city's superrich is a cantilevered sheath of steel and glass soaring 27 floors. The parking garage fills six levels. Three helipads are on the roof. There are nine elevators, a spa, a 50-seat theater and a grand ballroom. Hundreds of servants and staff are expected to work inside. And now, finally, after several years of planning and construction, the residents are about to move in.

  • Casting for angels in stripper heels

    2010-11-15 09:58

    This is how an angel earns her wings. First, she is born, in someplace like Belarus or Florianópolis, Brazil, and grows up pretty. Then, she is discovered, most likely in a mall. Next comes time and training and support and miracles.

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