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  • A symphony of tastes

    2010-10-11 09:17

    The food at China World Hotel is considered by the doyens of catering in Beijing as some of the best among five-star hotels in the capital.

  • Chardonnay still a table favorite

    2010-10-11 09:17

    This is one grape that commands a lot of acreage in vineyards in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

  • Hotel Listings

    2010-10-09 09:21

    Beijing Zen5es at The Westin Beijing Chaoyang uses fresh and quality ingredients to prepare an authentic selection of Cantonese dishes.

  • Artistic delights

    2010-10-09 09:11

    One of the reasons for the fame of Beijing's South Silk Road restaurant is its owner, Fang Lijun, a well-known artist.

  • Craving for crustacean

    2010-10-09 09:11

    Autumn is the season for crabs and the famous hairy crabs of Jiangsu province's Yangcheng Lake can now be found at many restaurants and stores in Beijing.

  • Autumn's fat crabs inspire us

    2010-10-09 09:08

    Lake crabs, river crabs, salt-water crabs? They are getting prime space at the seafood stalls right now.

  • 80 years of Shandong food

    2010-10-09 09:08

    Feng Ze Yuan, Beijing's oldest restaurant specializing in Shandong cuisine, celebrated its 80th anniversary recently.

  • Simple art of cooking woos top Aussie chef

    2010-10-08 09:44

    When it comes to foreign dishes, Neil Perry, one of Australia's most influential chefs, is all for Chinese cuisine.

  • Dishes to die for

    2010-10-08 09:40

    A Chengdu restaurant celebrates ancient China's epic Battle of Red Cliffs in a most ingenious way.

  • Breathing fire

    2010-10-04 09:34

    Foodies find pleasure in the pain of chili peppers, James Gorman reports

  • Basque without borders

    2010-10-02 09:21

    Basque Country cuisine makes its way to the Expo, Shi Yingying reports.

  • A taste of real Mexican food

    2010-09-30 09:35

    The dining scene in the capital has become a cuisine kaleidoscope. International cuisines are on the rise but none more so than South American cuisine.

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