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  • 'Tis time for dumplings

    2009-11-06 10:28

    The dough is almost always made from wheat flour, which most families buy by the bag.The dough is easily done and all you need is enough elbow grease to make it smooth and pliable.

  • Growing choice of health food

    2009-11-04 11:03

    Like many other Net-savvy Chinese, Beijinger Wu Songzhi has been shopping online for four years.

  • Beijing cafes booming not because of coffee, but space

    2009-11-04 11:00

    While it is no surprise that many Beijingers have taken to coffee since foreign companies arrived on the scene nearly 10 years ago, customers are hanging out at cafes not for the coffee - but the environment.

  • Gourmet can be good for sensitive stomachs: cookbook

    2009-11-03 14:10

    Who says healthy has to be boring? A new cookbook from top Australian chefs shows it is possible to eat a balanced meal, and enjoy it, even if you've got a sensitive stomach.

  • Dining Out: The top 5 restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau

    2009-11-03 14:10

    The Miele Guide to Asia's finest restaurants is written by food experts who know and love the region (

  • Coffee culture: a symbol of middle-class lifestyle

    2009-11-03 10:59

    Before I ever made my way to the Middle Kingdom, just hearing the name China would conjure up powerful pictures in my mind.

  • Tiny "Whif" of chocolate has global ambitions

    2009-11-03 09:06

    When David Edwards first unveiled an inhaler which puffs micro-particles of chocolate into your mouth he never expected the initial production run of his "Le Whif" to sell out in less than a month.

  • Strong wines that test your palate

    2009-10-31 14:25

    Gaia Gaja, fifth generation manager of Italian winery Gaja, found it difficult to explain her wines to Chinese tasters. "When I say 'violet', they say 'we don't have it here'," she says. "When I say 'truffle', they ask 'what's that?'"

  • Magnolia chicken (Yu Lan Ji)

    2009-10-30 10:20

    Method of Magnolia chicken

  • Blanched greens with ham garnish

    2009-10-30 10:20

    Method of Blanched greens with ham garnish

  • Steamed winter melon and ham

    2009-10-30 10:20

    Method of Steamed winter melon and ham

  • Chinese frying pan wows top Spanish chef

    2009-10-30 10:12

    Counting Chongqing fried chicken with chili, Peking roast duck, and jiaohuaji (marinated chicken in lotus leaf) among his favorite Chinese dishes, Albert Adria says, "I'm impressed by the energy of the Chinese frying pan."

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