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  • Kebab king's bonanza

    2010-02-03 11:00

    Highest bidder for temple fair stall prepares for Spring Festival with 60 tons of lamb

  • Tea becomes trendy as industry turns over a new leaf

    2010-02-03 09:20

    Who wants a cup of tea? It's not just Britons, old ladies and laborers enjoying a cuppa any more, with the world's most consumed drink after water getting a make-over and attracting younger, more discerning fans.

  • Lack of "excellent" coffee blends: Consumer Reports

    2010-02-03 09:20

    After tasting 37 different blended coffees, Consumer Reports couldn't find one that measured up to its "excellent" or "very good" ratings.

  • Chang chronicles rise to culinary success

    2010-02-03 08:59

    David Chang, who has been praised for his innovative dishes that combine Asian and Western ingredients, chronicles his ascent to Michelin-star chef in his first cookbook.

  • Dining Out: Top 5 restaurants in Japan

    2010-02-02 16:22

    The Miele Guide to Asia's finest restaurants is written by food experts who know and love the region (

  • The pinot noir of 2009? It's from New Zealand

    2010-02-02 16:21

    It's a big call, nailing the single wine of 2009 that was most impressionable amongst so many good bottles and an ever-increasing myriad of quality.

  • Restaurant chews on value of free Internet

    2010-02-02 10:12

    McDonald's has become the latest catering chain to offer free Internet access to customers as more young professionals come to regard wireless online access as an essential part of life.

  • Toasting the future of China's wine industry

    2010-02-01 09:42

    Sales reach record heights as its popularity soars among the young and fashionable

  • Sea cucumbers from Shandong

    2010-01-30 09:17

    Most foreigners in China find sea cucumber too strange to eat. But the seafood is getting popular, as more and more people realize its health benefits.

  • A wedding feast to remember

    2010-01-30 09:17

    A Wedding Studio was opened recently at Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Restaurant's outlet at Hong Kung Hotel. The services include providing a host to anchor the ceremony, professionals to help with the costumes, video photography and related decoration.

  • Taste of tradition at Tang Place

    2010-01-30 09:13

    Tang Place Chinese Restaurant, on the ground floor of Tangla Beijing Hotel, is gearing up for Spring Festival reunion dinners.

  • Olive oil, gift of the Gods

    2010-01-30 09:13

    It was noon when I first tried baked bread with olive oil last month at a Chaal agricultural complex near Sfax, Tunisia's southern capital, and appreciated how much tastier the bread was because of the oil.

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