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  • Seduced by the poetry of sushi

    2010-12-13 09:25

    Good food can be delightful and healing. It can make you forget your diet.

  • Come eat crabs

    2010-12-13 09:24

    Beijing is not known for its fresh seafood, but tucked away off the main road near Yansha Bridge, a crab feast waits. Pauline D Loh takes a crack at the banquet.

  • Scents from the festive oven

    2010-12-12 10:06

    Nothing smells like Christmas more than gingerbread baking in the oven. This spicy cookie is a seasonal favorite that is very easy to make. Pauline D.

  • Maturing like a fine wine

    2010-12-12 10:06

    Canadian-born Norma Ratcliffe did not know much about winemaking before she and her husband purchased the Warwick wine estate when they moved to Capetown, South Africa, in 1964.

  • Sweet celebration

    2010-12-06 10:55

    With the year-end festive season almost upon us, it's time to start planning for the rounds of parties involving family and friends. Pauline D. Loh brings out the dessert trolley.


    2010-12-06 10:02

    While other cities may be heading for the hot pots now, cosmopolitan Hong Kong has more choices in winter warmers. Donna Mah drops a hunk of bread.

  • Hanano Japanese Restaurant

    2010-11-29 12:56

    Imagine that you could sample the very best of Japanese cookery in one luxurious location.

  • Poetic Vegetarian Restaurant

    2010-11-29 12:56

    In this dry autumn/winter season it's often tempting to laze about, stay indoors, or warm yourself over a bowl of steaming, spicy hotpot.

  • Great taste of liquid amber

    2010-11-29 09:32

    The rich hues of shaoxing wine make it easily recognizable, from the very light gold to a deep chocolate brown.

  • Where's the beef? It's no mystery

    2010-11-29 09:10

    Some books tell you what sort of food you should eat, based on your blood type. I once found out I am supposed to be vegetarian, a fact I found difficult to swallow, especially after I tasted my first bowl of beef brisket in clear broth at Kau Kee on Gough Street. I remember thinking: "This is one of those things I would find very hard to give up."

  • Sichuan sizzlers

    2010-11-29 09:10

    It's not the usual hot-and- sour with lots of fish and spices. Ye Jun gets pleasantly surprised.

  • Yogurt meets lamb

    2010-11-29 09:09

    A little Nepali restaurant attracts a mixed crowd of young, hip locals and expatriates with its eclectic culinary mix. Li Xinzhu tastes the exotic.

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