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Glade Festival 'welcomes naked ravers'
Updated: 2009-04-29 15:44

Organisers of this year's Glade Festival have confirmed the appearance of naked ravers from Germany at this year's event.

Writing on the official Twitter page for the festival, staff had expressed concerns of legal repercussions if the unclothed dancers turned up.

They said: "Awaiting feedback from their lawyers regarding the 30 nudist German ravers who have confirmed attendance. We want to cover our backs.

"This is real, they sent us an email the other day, I think we should let them come regardless but Nick [Ladd] is talking to lawyers. They've been to another festival before apparently. Loads of them."

They added: "Well we don't want to be held liable for knowingly allowing naked people to turn up - should be okay though (we think/hope).

"We spoke to our lawyers, the German nudist ravers can come! We'll be seeing (all of them) there!"