Beauty from within

Beauty of the World Competition 2010 has begun, with the competition committee selecting women who are both "beautiful and clever".

Models compete for Victoria's Secret runway spot

It's a choice most of us don't have to make: lingerie or loyalty?

China's economy reaps a golden age of weddings

Meng Ni and Fan Zhiqing said "I do" to each other in the same month that they said "we do" to their real estate agent.

Biofashion Show in Cali

A model presents a creation by Colombian designer Lina Sofia Muriel during the Biofashion show in Cali November 27, 2009.

Battling pre-Christmas bulge? Wrap yourself in shapewear

Struggling to hide the love handles or muffin top for that holiday party?

Japan consumers go frugal, green as economy sags

Forget about designer brands and quirky gadgets: Low-priced fashions and green products scored big in Japan in 2009, an advertising agency survey found, as consumers pinch pennies and take advantage of government stimulus subsidies.

Hollywood's A-list

Check out the top stars whose films make a lucrative hit at the box office.

Paris evolution sale: from dinosaurs to space diapers

From entire dinosaur skeletons and fossilised bugs alive more than 400 million years ago, to modern space paraphernalia, there is something for every pocket in a Paris evolution-themed auction next month.

Black Friday shoppers tweet, friend and clip

Before deciding where to buy a laptop for his daughter on Black Friday, Nate Bryan was scouring the web for deals. But he was not just looking at retailers' websites.

Fashionably late arrivals to style

More Chinese men now dress to impress. At least that's what the inaugural issue of GQ China suggests.

Rihanna's hairstyle

You can always count on her to have different hairstyles as well as she has one day long hair and the next an incredible crop style.

Tommy Hilfiger's estate in US sells for $20M

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger's luxury estate in Connecticut has sold for $20 million, about $8 million below its original asking price.

Weary of old wardrobes, women buying clothes again

Shop 'till you drop it's not, but U.S. women are finally starting to buy clothes again.

Airport fashion

When celebrities go the airport, it is an opportunity to show off their “I am a casual jet-setter look.”?

First lady wears Naeem Khan gown to state dinner

First lady Michelle Obama chose to wear a gleaming silver-sequined, cream-colored gown Tuesday night to the first state dinner held by her husband's administration.

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