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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Updated: 2009-01-21 14:25

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Description :

In 3131, the goats lived on Qingqing Field happily, and the Big Big Wolf lived in the castle with his wife named Big Red Wolf beyond the Qingqing Field. Every time when Big Big Wolf appeared on the Qingqing Field, and was going to catch the goats, all the goats would work together and chucked the wolf out of Qingqing Field.

Characters :

  • Pleasant Goat(喜羊羊)
The ringleader of the young goats, he usually wears a small bell on his neck. He was the best assistant of Slow Goat. In almost every episode he was the first one who broke the plot of Big Big Wolf.
  • Lazy Goat(懒羊羊)
A small talented goat. He always spends his most time on sleeping.
  • Beautiful Goat(美羊羊)
A female goat. She is good at cooking. She always likes to dress herself up. All the goats love her very much.
  • Ebullient Goat(沸羊羊)
He is the strongest goat on Qingqing Field. He is feisty. He thinks he is the best goat. Always underestimates others.
  • Slow Goat(慢羊羊)
The eldership of the goats. He is very intelligent. Good at inventing.
  • Big Big Wolf(灰太狼)
One of the main characters, appears in all episodes. He was always plotting to catch goats. But failed all times. Outraged by Big Red Wolf. He is very smart but his ideas always get foiled by Pleasant Goat. His most used phrase is 'I will take revenge, you goat!(我一定会回来的,可恶的小羊!)
  • Big Red Wolf(红太狼)
She is the wife of Big Big Wolf. She always blames her husband, and thinks he is a loser. Longs for mutton. Hits Big Big Wolf with a frying pan in basically every episode.