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Six-Party Talks depend on US position: DPRK media

2010-10-28 12:24

PYONGYANG - Leading media of Democratic People's Republic Korea (DPRK) said the destiny of Six-Party Talks and the future of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula depends on the position of the US.

Rodong Sinmun of the DPRK said in an article that although the concerned countries hope the Six-Party Talks can be resumed as early as possible to create advantageous environment for the peace and stability of north-east Asia and the world, the ambition of the US to preempt a nuclear attack on the DPRK put hurdle to the settlement of nuclear issue on the peninsula.

Constructing a permanent peace system and denuclearizing the peninsula is the firm position of the DPRK, the article said. It is necessary to eliminate the nuclear threat from outside to denuclearize the peninsula, and the DPRK having access to nuclear deterrent is good for the stability and peace of the area.

The article urged the US to drop its ambition to preempt a nuclear attack on the DPRK and face the resumption of the Six-Party Talks sincerely.

According to the report of DPRK's official news agency KCNA on Oct 16, a spokesman for the foreign ministry of the DPRK said the DPRK is ready for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks but decided not to go hasty, adding that the country would make ceaseless patient efforts  "now that the US and some other participating countries are not ready for them."

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