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Kim Jong-il named general secretary of WPK

2010-09-28 14:01

PYONGYANG - Top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-il was named general secretary of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) at a crucial conference on Tuesday.

Describing it a joyous occasion for the whole country, the official KCNA said the nomination shows an absolute support for and confidence in the top leader by the party and people.

The conference, the first in 44 years, was expected to elect the party's highest leading body.

Kim has enriched and developed the Juche Idea, guiding ideology of the country, clarified the path that the country's revolution and the party should take and led the country foward, the report said.

Kim made enduring contributions to the great cause of fighting imperialism, it said.

The great undertaking of carrying the country's Songun (military first) politics through to the end is the unswerving faith and will of the people and the army, the report added.

According to the charter of the ruling WPK, the WPK delegates can discuss and decide the line, policies and personnel changes of the party during such a conference.

On Monday, Kim Jong-il issued an order promoting his son Kim Jong-un and several commanding officers to the rank of general. Kim Kyong-hui, Choe Ryong-hae and three others from the ruling party were promoted to general at the same time.

The order also gave the rank of colonel general to Ryu Kyong, lieutenant general to Ro Hung-se, Ri Tu-song and four others, and the rank of major general to Jo Kyong-jun, Jang To-yong and Mun Jong-chol and 24 others.

Also on Monday, Ri Yong-ho, chief of KPA General Staff, was awarded the military rank of Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army on Monday by a decision of the National Defence Commission.

The delayed conference, which was originally slated for early September, was widely expected to produce strong influence for the whole country's future.

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