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Workers demand wage by humiliating boss

2010-08-10 09:07

Three migrant workers demanded their overdue wage by tying up their labor contractor and parading him around on a street in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province on Sunday, the Dahe Daily reported Monday.

the employer, surnamed Zhao, hired the three workers for 100 yuan ($14.77) a day but failed to pay them for nine days.

"I got no salary, either. My boss informed us we would get paid yesterday afternoon, but he paid nothing and left us," Zhao said.

Out of anger, the workers tied Zhao's wrists with wire and showed him in public to prevent him from running away, according to one of the salary demanders.

Local police are looking into the case, and the three migrant workers apologized to their employer under criticism from the public, according to the report.

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