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Death toll from man's drunken rampage rises to 11

2010-08-02 16:45

SHIJIAZHUANG - The death toll due to a man's drunken rampage in a shovel loader at a mine in north China's Hebei Province on Sunday has risen to 11, government authorities said Monday.

Thirty others were injured.

Police have detained a suspect, 38-year-old Li Xianliang.

After he was arrested, Li's blood alcohol reading was 154 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

According to the initial police investigation, Li, a driver at the Shengxing Coal Depot in Nanzuo Township, Yuanshi County, drank liquor during his lunch Sunday.

He later quarreled with a customer surnamed Qian. To take revenge on Qian, he drove the shovel loader into a make-shift office at about 3:47 p.m. Sunday.

Qian escaped, but another customer, surnamed Ding and from east China's Shandong Province, was killed.

Li continued the rampage and drove the vehicle into 40 to 50 vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Several roadside shops were also damaged or destroyed.

The suspect Li is a local from Chicun Village, Yuanshi County.

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