Beijing Prepares Bicycle Rental

Updated: 2007-08-22 15:46

Beijing plans to have 50,000 bicycles for rent across the city ahead of 2008 Olympic Games to curb pollution and ease traffic jams.

According to Du Shaozhong, deputy director of Beijing Environment Protection Bureau, some 5,000 bikes in 31 outlets have been put into use so far. Before next August, the bicycles available will amount to 50 thousand, and the network will be expanded to major communities and all Olympic venues.

Some Beijing residents, like this one, have already embraced the "rent a bike" project.

"I am working nearby, but only few bus lines could bring me to the workplace from the subway stations. And during rush hour, all roads are heavily blocked. Renting a bicycle is a pretty good idea. And I would only have to pay 100 Yuan a year for rental fee - that is only about 30 cents per day."

The bicycle rental program also relieves city dwellers of worry over thefts and maintenance. If the bicycle is lost at the rental outlets, renters will cover the loss. And the bicycle user can apply for a new bike or an overhaul free of charge when the original one is damaged.