Mysterious Fuxian Lake's Secrets Told

Updated: 2007-08-17 08:47


Secret of Bronze Castings

On an ordinary hill, Li Jiashan , in the west of Fuxian Lake, the Army patrols day and night. What do they protect? Long years ago, there was an ancient battlefield. However, as massive bronze castings were excavated, this mountain became a mystical treasure hill.

These castings came from the last stage of Warring States to the initial period of Eastern Han Dynasty, and were considered as a significant discovery of the culture of the ancient Dian country. More than 5,000 bronze castings were excavated.

There was another strange phenomenon that occurred in Li Jiashan. Lightening has struck there many times. According to experts, massive amounts of metals must be buried there, accounting for the attraction of the electrical jolts. Are there still many bronze castings in Li Jiashan?

There are many legends local people recall. An ancient fable had a description of "people who sank together with the old city and now live underwater." And some people once said, "when diving, they have spotted mummies standing in the lake."

It may be that nobody really knows the many secrets and miracles behind the beautiful scenery of Fuxian Lake?

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